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Risk Management and Advisor

EGONON was established in 2007 with the sole aim of providing its clients with an exceptional level of service coupled with a long-term partnership. Our success is driven by a strong client oriented mind set and a fantastic team work.


Our Culture

Our culture in a few words:

  • Commitment
    We have created a team of specialists based on integrity, team spirit and professionalism. Our team strives to focus on our clients’ needs first to provide them with an exceptional level of service.
  • Partnership
    Within the team or with our clients, we seek to establish long-term partnership with a view to achieve mutual trust and optimal efficiency.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    We believe different backgrounds and experiences, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, bring a lot of creativity and reactivity to our team. This is a key to the success of our investment solutions.
  • Rigor, Initiatives and Reactivity
    EGONON aims at being a fast decision-making structure and encourages its team members to take initiative and be reactive towards their clients’ needs. We reward rigorous and ambitious people who provide our clients with the highest level of service.

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Our Approach

We are committed in the structuring process of each investment solution to maximize the success of the products we engineer. To develop long-term partnerships, we align our department’s interests with those of our clients. Our structuring process can be divided in 3 stages:

  • 1st Stage – Meeting investment guidelines in identifying the right investment vehicle & the right idea
    Bespoke investment solutions can result from specific guidelines submitted to us by our clients for which we offer an array of tailored solutions. They can also result from market opportunities identified by our team of engineers and for which we present investment ideas.
  • 2nd Stage – The optimization process
    Our expertise and thorough knowledge of the derivatives market enable us to identify at any given time the best market counterparties for a specific type of structure.
  • 3rd Stage – Secondary Market and Follow-up
    As part of our commitment to long-term relationships, we place great emphasis on secondary market service and all of our products benefit from day-to-day follow-up over their lifespan. All of our products benefit from secondary market liquidity, with prices displayed on Bloomberg , Reuters and Telekurs. We insist on the accuracy of secondary market prices and have set-up our systems accordingly.

Types of Products

For each asset class, there is an extensive range of possible structures and this enables us to provide effective solutions for any investment view:

  • Capital Protection
    The capital is granted until its expiration date, the “safe” solution for institutional investors.
  • Replication and Market Access
  • Leverage or Deleverage Yield Enhancement
  • CPPIs
  • Quantitative Algorithm
  • Medium Term Notes
  • Certificates
  • Warrants
  • Funds
  • Special Purpose Companies
  • Private Placement
Products can be issued either as a private placement or as a public offering. We have close relationships with a wide range of financial institutions and will therefore use well established issuers for all of our products.

Asset Classes

Our cross-asset approach enables us to provide our clients with a single entry point for all asset classes.

Our Clients

Structured Products can be tailor-made for all institutional investors who are looking for new tools, new investment products or who would like to access new markets (providing an alternative to ETFs, Bonds, Funds, etc.). We provide expertise to:

  • Investment advisors
  • Asset Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Banks

The Scientific Technical Committee

It is the body that supports the consultancy activities of EGONON SA and its associates with studies, analyzes, indications and researches and guarantees an organic and constant relationship also with the scientific and academic world. Therefore, a streamlined and authoritative structure that is based on the profound skills and mutual professional and personal esteem of the members, thus guaranteeing concreteness, speed and effectiveness in their area of ​​ intervention.
Is composed by:

Emanuele Battista Ferreri
Emanuele Battista Ferreri
Founder Shareholder – Director – Investment Committee

Emanuele Ferreri has more than 20 years of experience in Asset Management for institutional Clients. His work included managing a broad range of asset allocation products, risk management, portfolio construction, strategy implementation and building investment strategies. Emanuele is Founder and also the CEO of EGONON AG.

Riccardo Donati
Riccardo Donati
Member of the Scientific Committee - Advisor

Riccardo Donati works in the Asset Management industry since 1997. Graduated in Physics, he established his startup, Redexe Risk & Finance, in 2008. The mission is to leverage Physics to study financial complex systems and to develop models and software in the fields of asset management and automatic trading. The Company cooperates with primary Italian Universities in the research field and serves institutional clients only such as A.M. Companies and Banks. Major outcomes are portfolio optimization models and trading systems able to properly consider market dynamics and take into account rare events, the so called, infamous, black swans. This leads to antifragile assets and strategies, crisis-proof and long term oriented results.

Marco Corazza
Prof.Marco Corazza- PhD
Department of Economics, Ca' Foscari University of Venice (I)
Member of the Scientific Committee - Advisor

Marco Corazza graduated with honors in "Economics and Commerce" at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice and obtained his PhD in "Mathematics for Analysis of Financial Markets" at the University of Brescia. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Economics of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice. Among his main research interests are quantitative finance, artificial intelligence and machine learning for economics and finance, bio-inspired computational methodologies and multi-criteria methods for decision support.

Virgen Arcadio Roy
Virgen Arcadio Roy
Legal and Compliance

Master's degree in Law at the Faculty of Studies of Naples Federico II, with in-depth study of the sector of international economic sanctions. She gained experience in Swiss insurance law during a period spent in Zurich in an important German company and then specialized in (AML) anti-money laundering legislation and KYC (know your customer).

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